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Australia voice over talents may frequently be asked not only to do voice recordings, but completely produce the commercial or promo spot on their own. Having that capability can mean good extra money!


Being a production guru isn't all that hard with the software and music/sfx libraries available right now. You'll need a good ear and knowledge of what kind of sound the Australia voice over client wants.


A Sydney voice talent can money on a good music and sound effects library, which is well worth it, if you have the beans, however there's a lot of free stuff right online. Just Google it and youíll see what I mena ... a cheap but useful alternative for your Sydney voice over project.


When recording tracks for a New Zealand voice over client, it's better to run through three versions of the script. That way, youíll have spare audio and be able to cover the Indonesia voiceover mistakes common to an Australia voice talent tht does just one take. Donít worry about breaths or pauses in your New Zealand voice-over while you read. Using a free or purchased multi-trac editor, you can cut all that out for seamless transitions. Find the right background music and sound effects and place them into the multitrac accordingly. Make sure your Australia voice over is on top so the other stuff doesn't drown it. Try to keep your music and effects at about 40-60% volume while the Indonesia voiceover tracks remain at 100%.


Whether the Australia or Sydney voice over job is :30 or :60, always make it a half of a second short at the end, so that a :30 is actually :29.5 seconds, and a :60 actually :59.5. This allows radio and TV stations their automation trigger, which tells the computers to start playing the next element.


Hopefully the above info can help you, the Sydney or Australia voice over talent, to quickly become a production king!






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