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Voice Over Germany - the German sprecher, Swedish ansager, Austrian and Swiss sprecher ansager page of Jack Of All Pipes/Russ Walton Voice Talent's international American voiceover, narrator and audio production service.
Guten Tag! and thank you for landing at my Germany page! I live in Arizona in the United States as an American. I moved there from Baltimore, MD, in 1991 and since then, I've been involved in the media and broadcasting industry in one form or another. It was there in Arizona that I met my beautiful wife, who hails from Europe. One day, I hope those experiences include working for German Deutschland radio stations, being an American narrator, a Swedish voice over talent, a Swiss announcer ( ansager ) for many different live events, a television spokesperson ( sprecher ), working in film, etc.!
For some years, my wife has pushed me to advertise in other countries, so here I am! I havn't been across the Atlantic to Deutschland yet, but I've come very close. My family has members in Germany and from all the photos/videos I've seen ... it looks beautiful. I've been to parts of Europe already and I can't wait to experience the land and people of Germany, Austria Sweden and Switzerland!.
So, You're interested in voice-over ( German sprecher ) and announcer ( Swedish ansager ) jobs? It probably sounds hard but for this American, it was very simple. It can also be for you as well. The biggest aspect is practice, practice, practice. There are literally millions of folks out there with a good enough voice and even if yours isn't, being a great talent is still within your reach. It's not simply the quality of your vocal chords per se, but rather your delivery and the ability to offer different styles. But don't fool yourself by thinking it happens quickly. It does not. Truth be said, it often takes several years to build up a good list of clientelle and a good track record enough to call yourself a "talent" ( or sprecher or ansager ). It also takes one heck of a lot of marketing and shameless promotions. As far as equipment goes, you can build a basic home studio with all the gadgets you need for less money than you may think. If you're wanting to jump into the industry, good luck!  Just remember ... pracftice, practice, practice!
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Providing professional American voice over (sprecher), announcer (ansager) and narrator services for Deutschland, Sweden, Switzerland and the region.
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