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There are a lot of emerging new markets out there for the voice-over business. If you’re going to be an India, Mumbai, Dubai, Pakistan, Greece or Turkey voice over talent, it won’t be long before you’ll realize that aside from proper marketing, you need your own studio. And when you’ve seen some of the oppulent professional studios out there, it can be overwhelming –– the space, audio equipment, the furniture –– especially for an amateur announcer that may not have thousands of dollars to blow (in this economy? I don’t think so). The good news particularly for newer India, Mumbai, Dubai, Turkey or Greek voice talents is that it doesn’t have to be that way! With the advent of today’s digital technology, setting up your own voice over India studio for narrator projects can be less costly than you might think.


Let’s start with space. You’ll need to find a room or area with the least amount of ambient noise as possible. When you’re doing Dubai voice over Mumbai work, you don’t want a bunch of hiss in the background. To eliminate the ambient noise, you can get sound-proof panels or simply purchase the textured foam you find at retailers. Cardboard egg-crate works OK, too. This is a much more economical way to go for a nubie Dubai announcer or a Mumbai voice over talent just starting out. If you don’t have enough material to cover a whole room, some Mumbai voice over India pros choose to create a “whisper room,” which is nothing more than a box just big enough the Turkey voice talent or the Greek narrator and a mic.


Next you’ll want a good microphone. Nevermind those VoIP mics that plug into a computer. An India voice talent needs to have a professional cardioid mic. These can be expensive and are one of the most important parts of the game for Mumbai voice over Dubai experts. Be sure to get a good mic stand and pop screen as well!

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