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UK Voice Over London - the United Kingdom page of Jack Of All Pipes/Russ Walton Voice Talent's worldwide American voiceover, narration and audio production service. Offering a wide range of male voice styles for adverts, promotion & imaging, video narration, live hosting/announcing and broadcast-ready audio production for London, Liverpool, Manchester, Wales, Ireland, Dublin, Scotland and Glasgow.


Though I don't live in the UK, my wife is from there and is still a citizen of the Crown. Because of her, I've been lucky enough to visit London, see Liverpool and Manchester, and experience Wales (beautiful!!!). Our next trips will include making it to Glasgow Scotland and Dublin Ireland.


While there, I've handed off several London voice talent and Liverpool narrator demos to various BBC radio outlets. If some of this text sounds queer, its because it is for optimization. Some of them have responded, interested in using an American voice even for voice over Ireland and voiceover Scotland gigs. Though most of the UK voice-over and Wales voice talent work I get has come from corporations & businesses wanting an American accented narrator or announcer for their training or web videos, I hope to eventually break into voice over Glasgow Scotland jobs or  voiceover Dublin Ireland projects.





As with any other business, you have to advertise to get customers. How can anyone hire you as a BBC Wales voiceover talent if no one knows you exist? The UK London voice over industry, which of course includes Liverpool narrator gurus and Manchester announcer pros, isn’t like other BBC announcer businesses. You will not be effective advertising your services in standard non-web media. Getting yourself a good agent notwithstanding, direct marketing and Internet promotion are really the only way to do it.


Number one, build your ad campaign around your BBC Wales voice over demo. The only thing that will get you noticed is your demo. It's the single most important aspect of procuring clients. Make copies of your Ireland voice over or Scotland voice talent demo and get it to ad agencies, BBC TV/Radio stations, and video or film production companies looking for an American narrator. Start small. Aim for those in your area at first, then follow-up on those you’ve sent your London voice over demo to. This is key! Most higher-ups are so busy, usually they'll just throw that stuff in the dust bin, so you’ll need to follow-ups with them later to make sure they’ve heard your Dublin Ireland voice talent work.


Get ready for rejection. You are competing with the numbers if you're a London voice talent. More likely, you won’t get but a handful of offers, if any, depending on how many BBC announcer demos you hand out. But, don’t become discouraged! After you’ve sent your UK voice-over demo to everyone, then try expanding to clients elsewhere. Good Luck!


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UK Voice Over London - Russ Walton Voice Talent, Announcer, Narrator
Welcome to the RUSS WALTON Voice Talent London and UK voice over and narrator/announcer Internet page … thank you for inquiring! Russ Walton provides professional American-accented voiceovers and audio production at an affordable price.

With over 20 years of experience American voiceover artist RUSS WALTON and the Jack Of All Pipes studios can provide a wide range of styles and sounds for your voice over needs ... warm, deep and authoratative to energetic and comical ... be it radio, TV, film, company video or the Internet, no matter what your audience

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